Rochow Angus Ranch History

Deborah Witte has her herd's operations in Omaha IL where she has converted some flat black cornfields to pasture for a high efficiency cattle ranch.  


Deborah Witte began her cattle operations with mountain seedstock known for their strong hearts which perform at altitudes of +8,000 feet.   Today, feedlots at 2,000 to 3,500 feet, from the US to Canada can benefit from cattle with genetics resistant to Right Heart Failure RHF.   It is a heritable trait still being researched but a herd with decades of selection, such as her founding seedstock, brings a noted genomic advantage in minimizing stress related deaths when cattle near finishing.


A few years after founding her herd, Deborah migrated her cattle from Colorado Rocky Mountains through Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Kentucky to Illinois.  


Crossing the cattle regions of the US has brought Deborah and the Rochow herd direct knowledge and proven resilience with many regional challenges.  High altitudes, extreme cold temperatures, extreme hot tempertures, dry grasses -  washy grasses, heat, humidity, heavy fog, and KY 31 fescue, freezing rain, drought, snow and ice.   The Rochow herd has been geographically tested beyond what any other Angus herd has experienced.   These are hearty and determined Mommas at Rochow Angus ranch ! Seven years later, the herd is now managed  in Southern Illinois with Curtis Bradley with an emphasis on nutrition for optimal gene expression.    


With a true respect for her cross region herd maternal strength, in 2016 Ms. Witte renamed her cattle operations after her maternal grandmother, Agusta Emma Rochow.   Agusta Rochow had two children, sisters,  Shirley and Evelyn.  


Strong females are the building blocks of success in the cattle industry. It's hard to beat the proven maternal strength of the Rochow Angus herd. 

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