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Royal Lass 17H

Super Momma

This cow and offspring bring intelligence and manageability to the herd.  She's an incredible caregiver of all the calves and herd.   She has 6 progeny.  All with an even temperment.   Blevins Raindance 2503 is her sire.  His daughters are known to be thick with great udder design.

ROAR Sassy Lassy

Super Momma in the making...

This beautiful heifer is already a herd leader with an outstanding genetic profile. 


Dam: Royal Lass 17H Sire: KCF Absolute  3/1/16

SMC Royal Lass 1K10

Dam: Royal Lass 17H Sire: Basin Rainmaker P175 Calved 2/10/2011

This top beef value cow has 3 highly successful (WW/YW/$B) genomic progeny on the ground.  She is a contrarian in that she has exceptionally high dollar $B values, presents a strong profile as due her offspring, but had an exceptionally low $EN.  

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