ROAR Sassy Lassy D01 calved

Dam: 17H and Sire: KCF Bennet Absolute

ROAR Sassy Lassy D01 18573400 calves her first heifer on 1-13-18.

Our Royal Lass Bloodline goes back to Circle A Royal Lass 5029

Sassy Lassy D01 has our first calf of the year. One of our most productive female bloodlines.

Excellent docility, great Energy score and just the right amount of milk.

Her $B is in the top 15%.

ROAR Sassy Lassy boasts Top 3% Grid Value, Top 10% Yield Grade, Top 15% $B, Top 10% Marbling, Top 15% Ribeye.

Highly desirable heifer and calf. Her heifer baby is sired by Predictor.

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